Thai Bodywork Workshops & Mentoring with Gretchen Hogue LMT

I offer Thai Bodywork continuing education workshops and private mentoring in my cozy bodywork studio. These small group classes are designed to invigorate and expand your personal bodywork practice, whether you are an advanced practitioner or just starting out on the mat. Each workshop centers around specific topics from the vast toolbox of traditional Thai bodywork therapies with an emphasis on creating effective, tailored treatments for your clients' unique needs.  Classes are kept to only 8 students to prioritize a safe, intimate learning environment with maximum instructor interaction and feedback.  I also offer private study and mentoring for those looking for more personalized instruction and support.

Upcoming Workshops

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Opening the Hips & Pelvis  |  February 25, 2018

Thai Herbal Compresses    |    March 18, 2018

 Releasing The Neck    |   April 8th, 2018

 Working with Wind: a weekend intensive     |    May 6-8, 2018

To register: Registration can be done conveniently online here. You may also register by email or phone if preferred.  Once registered, you will receive an invoice for the class tuition that can be paid online or by mailing a check. Payment is required to confirm your spot in the class. Cancellations must be made 30 days before the class to receive a refund.   If a class you are interested in is listed as full online, contact Gretchen to be placed on the waiting list.  All classes are limited to 8 participants.


Opening the Hips & Pelvis

Sunday   February 25, 2018   9:30am - 4:30pm     $125    6 CE Hours (OR/WA)

Hip pain is a common complaint among bodywork clients and often has a relationship to pain and dysfunction in the low back and knees. In this class we will explore a variety of Thai techniques to release the muscles around the hips and pelvis to reintroduce balanced movement throughout this crucial structural center. Students will leave this workshop with the skills to craft an effective bodywork session focused entirely on the hips and pelvis.


Thai Herbal Compresses

Sunday    March 18,  2018    9:30am - 4:30pm     $150 (includes all materials)    6 CE Hours (OR/WA)

Hot herbal compresses are one of the most beloved tools in a Thai therapists toolbox. Soothing, nurturing, and relieving, these fragrant little bundles of herbs can be used to address a variety of complaints. In this class, students will pound and chop herbs to create their own compresses and then learn how to incorporate them into a bodywork session. We will work with a few different types of traditional compress formulas to explore the many ways these fantastic tools can be used in your bodywork practice.


Releasing The Neck

Sunday April 8, 2018    9:30am - 4:30pm    $125    6 CE Hours (OR/WA)

In this class we will take full advantage of the different positioning options in Thai Bodywork to discover new ways to access the muscles of the neck.  We will explore a number of focused techniques to create deep release and increased mobility in this common trouble area. Students will leave this workshop with the skills to craft an effective bodywork session focused entirely on the neck.


Working with Wind: a 3-day intensive

Sunday - Tuesday, May 6th -  8th  9:30am - 5:30pm  $425   21 CE Hours (OR/WA)

Wind is at the heart of so much of what we do in Thai Bodywork.  Wind is the element we aim to move, calm and balance through massage; it is the ripples and vibrations that guide our contact through the layers of our clients’ bodies; and it is central to developing a focused, therapeutic presence in our sessions.  In this class we will seek out a deeper understanding of this essential element to enhance our abilities to truly listen to our clients' bodies and craft treatments that address their unique needs.  We will explore a variety of ways in which we use and experience Wind in our work - from Thai element theory to Sen work, self-care practices to subtle bodywork techniques - to provide a host of new tools and refined sensibilities to enhance your practice. 

Topics will include:
Thai Element Theory
Advanced Sen techniques
Windgates and Blood Stops
Reusi Dat Ton and other self-care practices
“Sensing” skills and body mechanics

Private Mentoring Sessions

Mentoring Sessions are an excellent opportunity to work closely with Gretchen in a flexible, individualized format to deepen your traditional Thai bodywork practice. Whether you are seeking the personal attention of a one on one mentoring session or have a small group of colleagues you would like to study with, these sessions can be arranged to fit your needs. Topics for these sessions are completely based on your unique interests and experience level - from fine tuning your techniques and body mechanics to exploring the theory behind Thai bodywork.  For more information or to schedule an individual or small group mentoring session,  please contact Gretchen at