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What kind of treatment are you looking for?

We offer multiple treatment options to best meet your particular needs. Below are brief descriptions for all of our bodywork offerings to help you find the right fit.  For new clients, a two hour session is generally recommended for your first visit. If you are unsure which option best fits your specific bodywork goals, don't hesitate to contact us with your questions!


Three Hour Thai Bodywork Session


These sessions are like a full body tune up. In these longer treatments, the entire body will be addressed including focused work on multiple trouble spots. These sessions are perfect for those wanting to address multiple treatment goals in a single session as well as anyone who is unable to come in for maintenance bodywork as frequently as they would like.

Two Hour Thai Bodywork Session


This is the preferred length for most general sessions as well as for new clients. A two hour session is perfect for those seeking a massage that addresses the whole body as well as for those seeking deep focused work on multiple trouble spots.

90 minute Thai Bodywork Session


This session length is ideal for those seeking a general full body relaxation massage as well as those seeking a longer session focused on a specific trouble spot or injury.

60 minute Spot Specific Session


These shorter sessions are perfect for deep focused work on a specific trouble spot or injury. In most injury rehabilitation situations, these sessions provide the most benefit when scheduled once or twice a week for a minimum of 3 weeks (packages available).


Specialty Sessions


Prenatal & Postpartum Thai Bodywork Session

Thai bodywork can be one of the most beneficial and effective forms of massage for women during this exciting period of growth and change, providing a truly holistic experience that supports a mama’s mind, body and spirit.   Sessions are tailored to meet the specific needs of each mama, often featuring hot herbal compresses and gentle compression. Baby is welcome to accompany mom for postpartum sessions.  Session length options and ratesare the same as listed above for our general offerings.

Motor Vehicle Accident Massage

This 60min treatment focuses on injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident. Insurance will be billed for this treatment so a prescription from a doctor, chiropractor or other primary care provider is required. Longer sessions available if prescribed.

Couples & Friends Treatments

These side by side sessions are a perfect way to celebrate an anniversary, birthday or any other special occasion that gives you an excuse to hang out with one of your favorite people. Since we need to schedule two therapists for one of these special sessions, please contact us directly to schedule. Session length options and rates are the same as listed above for our general sessions.